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Strategic Capital & Business Counsel
“In his work, Sam Waltz has the Heart of a Teacher. He not only helped us with our business issue, he helped make us a better company!”~ SW&A Client CEO

I always kid Sam that I keep his phone number in my phone under 9-1-1, but I really do!” ~ University President

So kind, December 2018 issue of my hometown Greenville Hockessin Life magazine includes this very kind feature story about me… 

Founded 1 Oct 1993 by Sam Waltz, Strategic Capital & Business Counsel (SW&A) is a global Professional Services consultancy in Greenville, DE, near Philadelphia, less than 2 hours from Washington, DC, and New York City.

Strategic Counselor, Trusted Adviser & Advocate™, working broadly over virtually every industry and every type of organization after nearly a half century, Sam Waltz provides world-class Professional Services in 3 areas…

  1. Strategic Business Counsel, including research and writing of Business Plans; Business Development & Marketing Plans; Business Exit Plans; TurnAround Business Plans; and Strategic Advisory Counsel to Leaders;
  2. Strategic Capital Services, including Capital-Finding – both Debt and Equity; Merger & Acquisition (M&A) including Sell-Side and Buy-Side in the Middle Market of closely-held often family-owned firms; Incubation of Early-Stage often Emerging Technology companies; and ReCapitalizations; and
  3. C-Level Executive Counsel, Strategic Advisory & Advocacy, including Public Affairs / Reputation Management; Issues & Crisis Management; Environmental & Human Capital Issues Management; Governance Issues; Strategic Facilitation; White Papers & SpeechWriting; Regulatory & Litigation PR; Human Capital Development, Coaching and CEO Counsel.

In addition, Sam and the firm have two other significant business interests, each connected in 2019…

  1. LLC Business, Science, Engineering & Technical network, founded 1985, which he acquired, after serving on its Board of Directors since 2012, which provides PhD and related technical resources for both technical projects and expert witness work; and
  2. LLC Professional Society for IRS 1099 Independent Contractors, founded 2019, which he launched as its Founder and Chaplain to serve strategic senior level professionals working as Independent Contractors, for professional development, networking and social affinity, business development and legacy design and fulfillment.

Finally, in addition, Sam Waltz is a long-time Delaware and MidAtlantic business and civic leader who in 2014-15 founded the Delaware Business Times as its Founding Publisher, for which he continues to write a column for the statewide business newspaper.

He also in 1999 headed as its elected global and national president and CEO of the professional society for the industry of business communications, public relations, public affairs and reputation management, issues & crisis management, corporate development, investor affairs, internal communications and marketing, akin to an MD who might head the AMA or an Attorney who might head the ABA.

And he’s the Delaware Valley Chapter President of, founded 1998, an executive suite ministry that serves as a Strategic Peer Advisory Council meeting a morning a month for C-level business owners, executives and professionals for whom their Christian Faith is “an organizing part of their lives”.

RUNNING TO TROUBLE is the working title of Sam Waltz’ autobiography. It describes a life shaped by his experiences as an Illinois sharecropper’s farm boy and small-town native, a Christian, a Boy Scout, a volunteer in Vietnam-era US Army CounterIntelligence, a publisher, journalist, executive, consultant and Counselor To Leaders™ who is a creative problem-solver and inspiring leader by nature. He holds BS and MS degrees from the University of Illinois, with PhD coursework (no degree) in Public Affairs / Public Policy at the University of Delaware.

Strategic Plan, Strategic PlanningAbout Sam
Sam is valued in the State of Delaware and the Greater Delaware Valley as a first-rate civic and business leader, a philanthropist, and a trusted, kind and caring counselor. Likewise, in his industry, he’s regarded as a thought-leader and a big picture thinker on issues of business, industry and the profession.

A Generalist and Polymath (def: a person of wide-ranging knowledge or learning) at heart, with a passion for “opening the hood of a business” or an organization to understand its moving parts, Sam is a Globalist in practice, having worked across virtually every industry (including Government, Education and Not-For-Profits) from Agriculture to AeroSpace to Health Care and every function from Governance to General Business Management to Marketing & Sales to Legal, Discovery, Manufacturing, Engineering and Human Capital.

About SW&A
Virtually from its 1993 founding until 2007, SW&A deployed a staff of about 10. Upon the graduation from the University of Delaware of the last of his three young adults, Sam followed his own personal plan and downsized his practice between 2007-10 until it became a Solo Practice Model, because of his preference and desire to work directly with his Clients.   See Client Reviews

SW&A Clients
Clients of SW&A are about 1/3rd each Corporate, Small Business (including Early-Stage and Start-Ups) and Public Sector (including Government, Not-For-Profits, Foundations and Education).

Global Leadership
Sam Waltz served recently as the elected Global and National President and Chair, Board of Directors, of his Professional Society for the External Affairs, Executive Support, Strategic Counsel, Business Communications and Public Affairs Industry, the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), akin to a local MD who might head the American Medical Association (AMA) or a local attorney who might head the American Bar Association (ABA).