About Sam Waltz

A Strategic Counselor, Trusted Adviser & Advocate, Sam Waltz is a native of an Edgar County ~ East Central Illinois family farm, an area where Abraham Lincoln rode the circuit as a country lawyer for decades.


Illinois SesquiCentennial USPS Commemorative

He holds BS & MS degrees in Journalism and Communications from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He completed PhD coursework (no degree) in Public Policy at the University of Delaware at Newark, with a research interest in Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs).

As its elected global CEO and Chair, Board of Directors, he headed his industry’s professional society PRSA in 1999 . That’s analogous to a local MD who headed the AMA nationally or a local Attorney who headed the ABA nationally.

A classic industry “generalist,” his experience ranges broadly from chemicals and technology to financial services to health care to agriculture and life sciences, and many others. Functionally, his experience ranges broadly, as well, from research and business planning to marketing and communications to public affairs and government relations to M&A, investment banking and turnarounds, plus legal — as a non-legal professional who worked for DuPont’s Corporate General Counsel.

His career has included four major chapters…

  • Journalism & Publishing, a cornerstone throughout his 4 decades career. In his 20s, Waltz covered Big Ten Sports for a Champaign-Urbana daily newspaper, before moving on to cover Local and State Politics. The Wilmington (DE) News Journal recruited him to Delaware covering the Governor & General Assembly, where he became its State Capitol Bureau Chief, and he worked with three generations of civic and political leaders, among them VP Joe Biden, for more than 30 years. Subsequently, in 2014, for Today Media, he became the Founding Publisher of the Delaware Business Times, a position he still holds for the statewide business newspaper that circulates to 9,000 business, civic and opinion leaders.
  • DuPont Company External Affairs, where he worked for DuPont’s Corporate General Counsel for 16 years, progressively moving to senior executive status where he managed communications and public affairs for Strategic Business Units (SBUs) with $2B-$5B in sales, among them Agricultural Products / Nutritional Sciences, Medical Products, Polymers, and others, as well as serving as the Competency Leader mentoring a new generation of young Communications / Marketing professionals. In addition, DuPont selected him to work as a strategic counselor to the C-level leadership of DuPont Human Resources on a variety of issues.
  • Sam Waltz & Associates LLC Strategic Capital & Business Counsel, which he founded 1 Oct 1993, when he took an “early out” buyout from DuPont. For SW&A he has built national and international campaigns, including an award winning campaign that vindicated the “scapegoated” 1941 Pearl Harbor Commanders. Over two decades, he has evolved and developed SW&A to reflect his own interests, skills & talents, experience & capabilities, & “assets”, working on both broad issues of strategy, governance and business development, as well as acute issues of reputation management and crisis management.
  • RLS Associates, Delaware’s oldest and largest independent Investment Banking and Merger & Acquisition (M&A) firm, ranked #4 on the Philadelphia Business Journal’s top 25 list in 2013, where, since December 2004, Sam Waltz has been engaged as a Director, with leadership roles for “deal flow” and deal leadership in the RLS “mid-cap” niche of Middle Market Closely Held Firms, ranging from a few million $s to and beyond $100 million in revenues.

In addition, he’s worked in three other careers…

  • Vietnam-Era US Army Counterintelligence Corps, where he worked Stateside 1967-70 on CounterIntelligence assignments (e.g., Civil Disobedience, SAEDA and others) & Personnel Security Investigations (e.g., Security Clearances);
  • University Adjunct Professor, teaching courses in Business, Marketing, Communications, Public Affairs and Organizational Development, principally for the University of Delaware since 1989, also for the Universities of Illinois (1970s) and Drexel (1990s); and
  • Corporate Board of Directors, providing strategic guidance and counsel to Boards of often closely-held businesses.

Sam and his wife Sandra L. “Sandi” Bihary Waltz have three adult children, each of them University of Delaware grads…

  • Samuel L. Waltz III, 39, ‘99 BA & ’04 MA from the University of Delaware, with PhD coursework in German at the University of Wien, Austria, who teaches languages in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and formerly taught in the UAE, Austria, and Slovakia;
  • Rachel B. Waltz, 37, ’02 BS University of Delaware & ’08 MSW Columbia U, who is a social worker working in New York City on veterans’ health issues, and who previously helped run inner-city Bedford-Stuyvesant Brooklyn, NY, community agency; and
  • Andrew E. Waltz, 34, ’07 BFA University of Delaware, who lives and works in San Diego area for NTC Foundation, an Arts not-for-profit community destination created from a BRAC-closed military base. He previously maintained the website www.USCCB.org for the US Conference of Catholic Bishops at Catholic University, and he also runs his own art, photography and videography, design and commercial media practice.