C-Level Executive Counsel

Leading and managing the day-to-day is how C-level execs earn their compensation. It’s the unknown – the issues that occur for which their backgrounds have not prepared them, or where some extensively particularly deft and nuanced attention is needed – that keep them awake at night.

In his career, Sam Waltz has worked with executives who have succeeded at the highest levels. Two of his internal DuPont Co. clients went on to be CEO of DuPont, another was an SVP when Sam worked with him, and another was an SVP who went on to be Governor of the State of Delaware. Yet another he assisted on a pro bono basis went on to be Vice President of the United States of America. Another went on to head a Religious Order as a Provincial.

Deliverables in this niche really are a legacy of his DuPont Co. External Affairs work, but they have in common working with leaders at the highest levels of business, government, higher education, not-for-profits. (One university president jokes that he keeps Sam Waltz phone number in his phone under 9-1-1.) Services include…

  1. Public Affairs / Reputation Management;
  2. Issues & Crisis Management;
  3. Strategic Facilitation;
  4. White Papers & SpeechWriting;
  5. Regulatory & Litigation PR;
  6. Human Capital Development; and
  7. CEO Coaching and Counsel.