(1)       C-Level Strategic Business, Marketing & Organizational Counsel…
To Strategically Design faster-than-norm Business and Organizational Growth.

One-on-One and One-on-Team Business Counsel & Coaching;
Visioning, Mission & Principles, Organizational Development;
Business, Marketing & Organizational Planning;
Win-Win Consensus Design based on Research, including…

  • VIP Opinion-Leader “Elites” Research;
  • Stakeholder Attitude Sensing;
  • Objective / Quantitative; and
  • Subjective / Qualitative.

(2)      Business Development / Integrated Marketing Communications…
To Tactically Implement faster-than-norm Business and Organizational Growth.

“Earned Media” PR, Publicity, and Press Conferences;
“Paid Media” Advertising Strategy;
“Collateral Media” Brochures & Sites;
“Social Media” & Viral Marketing;
Special Events Creation & Management;
Recognition Creation, including Honors & Awards; and

(3)      Stakeholder Public Affairs & Reputation Management…
With goals of “relieving or managing through the pain” and “returning to normal” ASAP.

Image & Reputation Management;
Issues & Crisis Management;
Risk, Environmental & Remediation Issues;
Legal Issues Management:  Litigation & Bankruptcy PR;
Government Relations & Public Policy Counsel; and
Community Relations & Engagement Counsel.

(4)      Business Incubation for Leading Business Enterprise Development…
Helping entrepreneurs and venture capitalists develop concepts and bring new business entities to market, using…
Success Fees; and / or
Equity Participation models.

(5)      Merger & Acquisition (M&A) & Capital Access…
Via, a national Middle Market ($5mil-$100mil in top line revenues) firm, Sam Waltz offers assistance in…
Selling a business, where no internal succession plan exists;
Buying business(es), when organic growth is not sufficient; and
Accessing Capital for Equity.

(6)      Platform ~ Keynote ~ Motivational Speaking…
Sam Waltz entertains, informs and motivates audiences, based on his nearly 40 years in Business, Politics, Public Affairs, Issues & Crisis Management.

Lincoln on Leadership: How the Trials of Lincoln’s Life Shaped his Leadership Style
MindMapping Your Life: Six Ways to Navigate Change and Create the Life You Really Want
Catcher, Scholar, Spy: The Story of Baseball’s Moe Berg 1902-72
Vindicating the Scapegoated 1941 Pearl Harbor Commanders Admiral Kimmel & General Short
Growing Your Business and What to Do with It when You’ve Grown It
Business Transition and Succession Planning
Strategic Business Planning: Where Are We? Where Do We Want to Be? How Do We Get There?
Issues & Crisis Management: Managing the Organization “Through and Back to Normal”
Strategies to Understand & Thrive in the Court of Public Opinion
Building a World Class Public Relations Capability