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Apart from our SW&A practice, this Blog will occasionally reflect on the News Items of the day, usually with a link to a story and some commentary. Blog is designed to provoke thought and discussion, and it may (or it may not) reflect the Blogger’s own point of view. Frequently it is to call out the disparity – particularly in the cases of Politics & Public Affairs – between Aspirational Statements and Standards and Actual Behavior and Choices.

This Blogger was raised a Democrat, and actually volunteered as the elected VP of the Campus Democrats at the University of Illinois in the turbulent 1960s. He appreciated the aspirational values of the Democrat Party at the time, particularly its focus on Civil Rights and Civil Liberties.

After a lifetime as a Political Journalist, working hard to be objective and hewing the political middle, this Blogger today continues as an independent free-thinking Democrat who is a Progressive on Social Issues and a Moderate who is concerned about the growth in the awesome power of Big Government and its capacity to usurp and limit the Liberties guaranteed Citizens of this Great Country by its Founders!

He writes frequently about a Big Government that seems to have decided to replace Equal Opportunity with Equal Outcomes as a product and design of Governance!

Sam Waltz “Welcome Home” to VPOTUS Joe Biden 20 Jan 2017

Welcome home, Joe. Thanks for a job well done! Many Delawareans among our business readership may not necessarily appreciate the Barack Obama presidency, but many more of those Delawareans appreciate your extra service to our country. In this generation, you were without peer as the best vice president we’ve seen in a half-century of memories. […]