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I had the privilege of first meeting Sam at church many years ago. At the time, I was not aware of all his experience and knowledge…I just knew him as Sam…a wonderful person who was always ready with a kind word and a warm smile. Though I never had the pleasure of working directly for Sam, I had friends who did and they always indicated he was the best boss ever. Supportive, approachable and always willing to share his expertise. Sam always puts the needs of others ahead of his own. He is a person you can fully trust…a trait to be praised and valued in this day and age.
~ Esther L. – Wilmington, DE

I had the great pleasure of working with Sam Waltz while serving as national president of the Public Relations Student Society of America and later when I joined the staff at PRSA Headquarters in New York. Sam’s strong leadership and communications expertise were outshined only by his cheerful personality and sincere thoughtfulness. As a student leader, it is easy to feel overwhelmed, but Sam made a point of extending his assistance whenever needed and for that, I will always be grateful.
~ Cedric B. – New York, NY

I have worked and known Sam Waltz for many years. I first worked with Sam when he created a unique and innovative leadership program for supervisors at the New Castle County Police Department. His focus was on helping leaders navigate tough issues. It was a terrific course that helped me achieve greater success.

As I rose in rank, Sam became a trusted advisor with a thorough knowledge of Delware and her politics. He was able to help guide me around the inner circles of Delaware and gain exposure with true decision makers.

Sam is well respected by all people in leadership posistions because he gets results – no matter the task. I can, without reservation, recommend Sam as a true friend, mentor and leader.
~ David M. – Savannah, GA

I have had the pleasure to work with Sam Waltz as a consultant for his organization. In the company of senior, experienced talent, Sam’s strategic perspective and guidance stands alone. Sam is able to quickly evaluate business models and recommend paths that not only increase bottom line results, but also positions organizations for future growth. “Counselor to Leaders” is an appropiate description for Sam’s native intelligence in all matters related to business. His ability, drive and energy to deliver quality results are reasons I can confidently recommend him.
~ Shawn N. – Philadelphia, PA

I began working for Sam Waltz as a Marketing Associate in April 2009. It is truly a pleasure to work for Sam because he creates a positive, supportive work environment. He trusts his employees explicitly and enables them to utilize their strongest skills. He regularly provides professional development opportunities by exposing employees to new situations and by sharing his business insights and wisdom. Sam is a great teacher. He is very flexible, easy to approach and reasonable in all his requests. It is a wonderful opportunity to work at SW&A.
~ Christine C. – Wilmington, DE

I worked with Sam at least twice during my time at DuPont, once in Agricultural Products and once in corporate HR. Sam’s role was leading the communications activities in both of these groups and he always did an outstanding job. Sam is very skilled at what he does and would benefit any organization seeking to clarify its message to the marketplace and/or its employees. I enjoyed working with Sam because he always had such positive energy, was insightful, and consistently delivered on his promises. I look forward to reconnecting with Sam soon.
~ Edward T. – Chicago, IL

Sam Waltz is, among many things, a true leader, a loyal friend, a wonderful family man and an untiring, unselfish professional who brings everyone and every organization he meets or works with up to a higher level of performance. I’ve worked with Sam on many projects over the past 20 years and watched as each time he took on or was elected to the leadership roll. In 1994-95, Sam chaired the Delaware Delegation to the White House Conference on Small Business and led our 15-member delegation, and we spent hundreds of hours of volunteer service together. Sam continues to be involved as a leader in Small Business volunteer service with me at the NFIB (Natl Federation of Independent Business) and the Governor’s Conference on Small Business.

I recruited Sam onto the Board of the Little Sisters of the Poor, and, even though he is not Catholic he has brought his talents volunteering as a director and business organization specialist and consultant to the forefront taking on the role of Chair of the Development Committee responsible to raise the much needed $10 million dollars for their capital campaign in a time of economic strife in our country, and he is successfully leading the Little Sisters towards reaching that goal.

My company also hired Sam on as a business advisor where he also came on as an investor as well. To date we have reached our tenth year in business with much of the fundamental success attributed to Sam’s role and guidance from early on.

I know of no one I’d recommend higher that Sam Waltz for any venture looking to reach that next level. It is said that you should do business with those you’d like to take with you on a camping trip. I’d take on the Wilderness Trail with Sam at my side.
~ Bob P. – Newark, DE

As my first of many PR mentors and role models, I am very appreciative of the time and effort that Sam took in preparing me for my career in public relations. I learned many valuable lessons from him regarding the business and how to succeed within our industry, but more importantly Sam opened my eyes to the importance of networking and how to best utilize one’s own “people skills” to build and enhance relationships. Today, this is something that I am most proud of within my diverse skill set as a PR professional and I am forever grateful to Sam for sharing this wisdom. It has served me well throughout my career and also in securing new employment opportunities.
~ Theresa S.

Sam was an excellent instructor, teaching some of the more memorable classes that I took throughout my four undergrad years at U of D as a Mass Communications major. He found helpful ways to weave in professional life experiences into the classroom, making courses more practical and interesting. He was among the best motivators for students, helping them to see how classwork translates into the real work world. He assigned projects that were meaningful and helped each of us to network into the local business community and he garnered for many of us an appreciation for current events and how staying on top of them is significant to survival in corporate PR roles. Sam encouraged each of us to get engaged in the student chapter of PRSA and to make connections with local professionals in the New Castle County area. He has a wonderful rapport with people of all ages, and has served as a great mentor for many students beyond graduation, 18 years in my case. I would highly recommend Sam for professional communications services, leadership coaching, and strategic direction or business planning.
~ Karen B. – Philadelphia, PA

I have been working with Sam Waltz in a variety of contexts and settings for many years. I have recommended Sam to my clients and hired him myself. His most attractive qualities are his energy, integity and enthusiasm. He has always been incredibly thorough and prepared. He listens, engages, and cares. I have seen this from Sam when working with clients, prospects, or just people in the community who have wanted some counsel. He brings a wealth of experience and practical solutions to seemingly complex issues.
~ Douglas M. – Philadelphia, PA

I have known Sam Waltz for a decade or more, despite which I continue to be amazed and impressed by him at every interaction.

Sam is one of the best networked and most respected business people I have ever known. His strategic thought process, insightful analysis and his ability to figure out the optimal messaging, operating and/or communication strategy for each situation constantly reinforces the superior value add he provides to his clients and colleagues.

Having worked with Sam as a colleague at RLS, in his role as a principal and founder of his marketing communications and public relations business, as well as interacting with him in non-profit endeavors, I have found him to be a true professional who is extremely talented and totally committed to the highest standards of conduct and excellence.

Sam is a serial entrepreneur who has put his money and talent “where his mouth is” over and over. His entrepreneurial and large corporate experience provides an incredible breadth of perspective to those who engage his services.

I recommend Sam highly as a person, professional, and as a friend and advisor to business leaders of all types.
~ David B. – Wilmington, DE

I worked with Sam Waltz on marketing projects early on in our careers. He worked hard to keep projects moving and on track. He would involve people from many disciplines. Sam is well respected by his colleagues and his clients. He uses a combination of entrepreneurial skills and personal and professional contacts to help his clients. I have heard his clients comment about the positive impact that his work had on their businesses. His input has been beneficial to me in growing my commercial real estate business.
I have always admired Sam.
~ Karen M. – Delray Beach, FL

Sam Waltz has significant experiences in providing leadership coaching and organizational development. I have worked with Sam and regard him as a mentor and advisor to me. I have spoken with a number of his clients – and I know they value the advise and counseling he provides. Sam can add value, profitability and cash flow to any organization.
~ Joe C. – Cape May, NJ

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