SW&A Consulting / Marketing Associate or Intern
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SW&A offers innovative career opportunities for professionals and graduate students with backgrounds in Research, Strategy, Business, Public Policy & Public Affairs, Marketing and Communications. Our award-winning environment is fostered by a continued effort to attract and develop experienced, dedicated individuals. And, we look at your Career Development as an important part of the relationship, the value we provide you. If you are interested in joining our dynamic team, please contact us.

Personal Attributes, Things that we believe are important in you…
Ethical / Honest / Reliable, our business depends on it;
Excellent 99th %tile Personal / Professional Judgment, clients expect it of us;
Self-Starter / Self Manager, ability to work independently, we don’t “stand over” you;
Discrete and Trustworthy, we work with clients’ confidential information;
LifeLong Learning, a passion for personal / professional growth; and
Interpersonal Skills, ability to engage / create / sustain / manage relationships.

Professional Skills, With Which You Add Value To Our Firm And Our Clients
Research / Writing, ability to take an assignment & run with it;
Creative Problem-Solving, that’s how we help our clients;
Business Knowledge Interest / Understanding, and / or willingness to learn;
Public Issues Interest / Understanding, e.g. government, economy, current events;
News Media Interest / Understanding, perhaps Journ / PR courses / experience;
Delaware Knowledge / Experience / Background etc. a “Big Plus”; and
Sense of Ownership / Engagement, you “own” your projects / work via your focus.

Our Clients Are Approximately 1/4th Each In
(1) Corporate, global, national, publicly-traded;
(2) Small Business, Entrepreneurial, and Start-Ups;
(3) Public Sector, Not-For-Profits, Government & Education; and
Our own (4) SW&A Partnership Business Ventures.

Our Professional Services Are Delivered Approximately 1/3rd Each In
(1) Research & Strategic Planning, Business, Marketing & Organizational Work, with Integrated Marketing Communications, PR, Advertising, Events, Collateral Design;
(2) Public Affairs Reputation & Relationship Management, Issues & Crisis, Image & Reputation; and
(3) Entrepreneurial, Executive & Management Services, incl. Investment Banking and M&A, and Capital Development.

Your Duties Will Be in Three Areas, experience demonstrates…
Client Work, about 75% providing our Professional Services;
SW&A Firm Development, 15% promoting SW&A via meetings, mailing, etc.; and
Administrative, 10% project management, biz management, technology & support.

Opportunities at Sam Waltz & Associates LLC Counsel include…
(1) Employees
(2) Independent Contractors; and
(3) Interns

Terms & Conditions Include…
Confidentiality Agreement, Acceptance of SW&A Work constitutes a confidentially Agreement re: sensitive information, an agreement to respect and maintain without disclosure or unauthorized usage the confidential proprietary information of our Clients, of SW&A (incl. our Data Base), and of our work for our Clients.

Acceptance of SW&A work represents an informed pledge and promise not to violate that confidentiality or to allow the use of information (Client’s or SW&A’s) gained in your work for other than the rightful purpose of our services to our clients.

NonCompete Agreement, Acceptance of SW&A Work constitutes acceptance of a NonCompete Agreement of 24 Months from Date of Departure from SW&A re: our Clients, Former Clients, Prospects: Limits ability of our Client, or Former Client, or Prospect to hire you directly or indirectly to provide services we’ve provided them or offered to provide, without our consent.

Successful Staff Members in the Past have had Background In, Or Learned:
Business Administration, Marketing, Finance, Public Relations, Advertising, Graphic Design English, Journalism & Communications, w / Writing Experience, College Newspaper, or similar experience, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, History, Business Administration, Marketing, OD, OB, w/ Financial Management, if you know, or will learn, quick Books Pro.

UnPaid Internships

SW&A is dedicated to educational outreach through its internship program. Our goal is a value-for-value relationship. Interns at SW&A are not “go-phers!” Rather they get (a) meaningful experience, (b) professional development, and (c) post-internship advocacy for placement in desired positions.

This is an ideal opportunity for students to see firsthand the dynamics of a fast-paced strategic business & communications counsel firm. Internships will expose students to a variety of projects, including research, writing, project support, event-planning and media relations

Interns who receive academic credit are preferred, but any prospective interns are welcome to inquire and apply, particularly including recent graduates who are having difficulty entering the field and need experience to compete at entry level.

We look for motivated, enthusiastic students with a background in business, marketing, communications, or related fields, e.g., behavioral sciences, history, political science, public policy and economics.

For more information, send us your resume with a cover letter.