About SW&A Counsel

Founded 1 Oct 1993, the firm Sam Waltz & Associates LLC Strategic Capital & Business Counsel (SW&A) is accelerating towards its 25th Anniversary of…

Helping Leaders & Organizations Navigate Difficult Events, Trends, Times, People & Issues to Achieve Their Goals!
SW&A Overview

Over nearly 40 years in the profession, Sam Waltz has created a broad national – even global – reputation for quality leadership in Strategic Business, Management, Organizational and Communications Counsel, with a focus on Accountable Implementation.

With those Global problem-solving skills, the firm has become the Delaware Valley’s “go-to” firm for “Navigating Issues,” from Marketing to Public Affairs / Reputation Management to Early-Stage Business Incubation and Capital-Finding. “I was told that Delaware is not a State, it’s a Club!” a Chestertown MD business leader recently said of his efforts to learn and do business in the region! Knowing, understanding and connecting with those “centers of influence” is an important part of what SW&A brings to any client.

Like most such Consulting & Counseling firms, SW&A has evolved over its nearly quarter-century. It started as a “virtual firm,” leveraging technology and as many 15 1099 contractors in the mid-1990s to meet client needs. It grew into a Greenville, DE-based firm with a staff of 10 for about a dozen years.

After graduating the youngest of his 3 adult children and finishing 12 years of tuitions to the University of Delaware, Sam Waltz down-sized the firm to a Strategic Senior Consultancy and again relocated “the SW&A Global HQs” to a Greenville, DE-based Home Office, where he supplements his own Senior Counsel with assistance as needed from a team of highly accomplished 1099 contractors under his leadership.

Evolving in its range of services
Today, the firm provides a breadth and depth of strategic services and counsel to C-level leaders, including Investment Banking and Merger & Acquisition (M&A).

In its earliest days, SW&A was known more as a Marketing ~ PR ~ Advertising Agency, building on Sam Waltz’ background as a senior exec in DuPont Company’s External Affairs function, where he led Public Affairs and Marketing activities, as well as providing C-level counsel, including to two executives who later became CEOs of the DuPont Company.

SW&A’s focus is helping its clients design and implement programs that helped the organization grow towards its potential, as well as providing a variety of Public Affairs Reputation Management and Relationship Management issues and crisis services.

While SW&A still provides the breadth and depth of implementation of tactical programs, its focus over the last decade has increased in problem-solving in strategic business, marketing and organizational issues.

At the urging and recruitment of a friend who headed RLS Associates, Delaware’s oldest and largest independent Investment Banking and Merger & Acquisition (M&A) firm, Sam Waltz affiliated in late 2004 with RLS to mutually extend the mutual reach of its services and SW&A services, and today he and SW&A are actively engaged with RLS in providing those services.

Evolving in its size / scope
Although larger firms may exist to self-perpetuate, recruiting successive generations of leadership and service providers, many smaller firms like SW&A exist as a boutique firm, to provide a vehicle for its principal to do the kind of work he enjoys.