Merger & Acquisition (M&A) ~ Investment Banking ~ Strategic Advisory

Sam Waltz has worked as an Intermediary in M&A transactional work for well over a decade, M&A integration since the mid-late 1980s for DuPont, and early-stage Capital Finding for emerging technology enterprises since the late 1990s. Although some of that work has been Corporate, his focus is Middle Market with Enterprise Valuation / Revenues in the range of $5mil-$100mil.

He has long enjoyed an affiliation with RLS Associates Investment Banking / M&A, founded 1986, with offices in Wilmington, DE, and Elkins Park, PA. With a network of about 16 deal-makers, RLS Associates — owned by David K. Bernstein, MBA, JD — is one of the oldest and largest independent middle market firms in the Delaware Valley, according to the Philadelphia Business Journal.

1. Mergers & Acquisitions Services:

  • Sell-Side / Divestiture, for a Business, Product, Service or Market, when something no longer fits the organization’s strategic vision, and where no transition plan exists in smaller firms;
  • Buy-Side / Acquisition, for a Business, Product, Service or Market, where organic growth may not be sufficient to fit the business needs; and
  • Corporate Development Outsourcing, including one energy services firm that acquired 22 companies via its RLS acquisition program.

2. Equity Capitalization:

  • Equity Capital, helping clients address needs for growth capital for acquisitions or recapitalization / liquidity; and
  • Independent Resources, assisting owners with introductions to appropriate resources (e.g. lenders, wealth managers, trust advisors, insurance professionals, and “deal” lawyers & accountants).

3. $2mil-$100mil “Middle Market”:
Our target market is Middle Market firms.  Sellers typically have top line revenues between $2 million and $100+ million; the firm’s “sweet spot” is in the range $5 million to $60 million revenues. Buy-side engagements share the same “sweet spot,” but some recent engagements have ranged well beyond $150 million revenues.

4. RLS Staff Are Senior Executives:
In SW&A’s affiliation with RLS, RLS’ 16 experienced senior business advisers make up the RLS core team, with at least two team members staffing each engagement.  RLS team members have extensive educational backgrounds with premier earned reputations for ethical and effective intermediary and consulting services, some in engineering, some in financial services, some in management, across a wide spectrum of industries.

5. RLS Pricing / Comp Model(s):
Although its net prices may be slightly more modest than the industry norm(s), given its Wilmington, DE location, RLS uses standard industry models and formulas as the backbone of its pricing. Most compensation is Success-Based Deal Fee (using a Modified Lehman Formula, with a minimum), after a modest retainer paid quarterly in advance.

6. Referrals Create General Practice:
More than 90% of RLS client assignments come from referrals, creating a generalist practice.

RLS is happy to pay a “Finder’s Fee” or Referral Fee to its friends who forward a confidential lead that results in a transaction.  Contact Sam Waltz for more detail.

For further information, please visit the RLS website write or call Sam Waltz at 302 777 7774 to speak confidentially.