Strategic Business Counsel

(1) Business Plans, (2) Marketing & Business Development Plans, (3) Business TurnAround Plans, and (4) Business Exit Planswritten Plans developed with a proprietary Creative Problem-Solving approach — are the deliverables from SW&A in Strategic Business Counsel.

(5) Strategic Advisory Counsel to Leaders is the ongoing process of strategic advice & counsel to organizational leadership.

business planning & strategyAlthough a Generalist by background, with strong credentials in Marketing and Business Development, Sam Waltz has worked broadly across organizations, from leading and directing Research to Manufacturing liaison to Finance to Human Capital and Legal.

The breadth and depth of his nearly 40 years in business and not-for-profit leadership and management gives him the insights to help frame and define organizational and business issues, lead teams in diagnosing them and developing solutions and strategies, and design the campaigns and activities that will move the organization forward.

In short, Sam Waltz helps organizations grow to their potential and their mission, and he helps bring consensus to plans involving focus, capital and leadership, including the facilitation of planning retreats, quarterly reviews and other measures for progress and accountability.

In the case of smaller businesses, he helps the owners exit to maximize the liquidity event via careful planning and facilitation with their team of business advisors (e.g., CPA, attorney, insurance provider, and wealth manager / financial planner).

And, in the case of under-performing businesses, organizations or units, he works with leadership and stakeholders to develop the turn-around plan necessary to cure the issues and put the organization back on track to growth and success.

Strategic Model
Sam Waltz is strategic in all that he does, understanding the simplicity of the Strategic Model to answer three important questions:

  1. Where are we?
  2. Where do we want to be?
  3. How do we get there?

Deliverables from his core processes address a variety of organizational leadership needs and challenges:

  1. Business Plans
  2. Business Development & Marketing Plans
  3. TurnAround Business Plans
  4. Business Exit Plans
  5. Strategic Advisory Counsel to Leaders

Good ~ Better ~ Best
Moreover, given the breadth of needs of his clients, from Corporate, Government and Higher Education to Small Business, Not-For-Profits and Early-Stage Companies operating with more limited budgets, Sam Waltz has developed an approach designed to deliver the best that can be delivered for the budget the organization wishes to deploy, based on…

  1. Good ~ the fundamental basic deliverable that meets the basic needs of the organization with a limited budget;
  2. Best ~ the more comprehensive solution that typically both requires and benefits from more extensive research (e.g., interviews, focus groups, surveys, etc.) and that also requires collaboration and engagement with important stakeholder groups; and
  3. Better ~ the solution between Good and Best that upgrades the research and collaboration to meet the organization’s needs without requiring the time that makes it comprehensive.

Project Pricing
Also, given his decades of experience, Sam Waltz provides his clients a commitment for a price (investment) as part of the Proposal, using the Good – Better – Best approach, so that clients don’t have to fixate on the “creep” of hours involved in a project. Ongoing services are provided on a Retainer basis, and Project Deliverables are typically provided with 50% down and the balance COD, upon delivery of the final product.