C-Level Strategic Counsel in Business, Management, Marketing & Finance

To Strategically Design faster-than-norm Business and Organizational Growth.
One-on-One and One-on-Team Business Counsel & Coaching;
Visioning, Mission & Principles, Organizational Development;
Business, Marketing & Organizational Planning;
Win-Win Consensus Design based on Research, including…

    • VIP Opinion-Leader “Elites” Research;
    • Stakeholder Attitude Sensing;
    • Objective / Quantitative; and
    • Subjective / Qualitative.

Strategic Business, Marketing & Organizational Planning and Counsel is a Problem-Solution paradigm that turns on answering what we at SW&A used to call “the three great questions of business,” which today we really call “the three great questions of life”
Where Am I?
Where Do I Want to Be?
How Do I Get There?

business coachingAccomplishing organizational and business goals involves the dedication of resources, among them, capital, focus, energy and people.  Research and strategy – overlaid as part of a planning process — guide us in answering the broader questions and achieving our goals.

Strategy is a collaborative process, it’s a process that generates ownership and prepares for implementation.  It’s grounded in research, and its focus is “problem-solving,” What’s the issue?  And how do we solve it?

In its facilitation of Strategic Planning and Counsel, SW&A uses aspects of the “Socratic method,” popularized via the Classical Greek philosopher Socrates, as a form of inquiry, based on asking and answering questions to stimulate critical thinking and to illuminate ideas.

1.    Objective Qualitative Research:  Surveys, Intercept Interviews & BenchMarking, which SW&A has managed many times, ranging from shopping center intercept interviews to post-referendum exit polling to market feasibility research for educational programs and expansion of health care facilities.

2.    Subjective Qualitative Research: Focus Groups, Interviews, Literature Reviews & Case Histories, with Data Integration, Synthesis & Analysis, which SW&A uses far more often, simply because it gives us greater insight into behavioral issues, that is, how we can help an organization accomplish its goal via creating desired behaviors.  In some years, SW&A has run more focus groups than any other firm in Delaware.

3.    Strategic Business Planning & Counsel, that is, building a plan that becomes the operative document on which the organization moves forward.

4.    Strategic Marketing Planning & Counsel, that is, building the marketing plan that allows the organization to grow towards its objectives,

5.    Organizational & Culture Change Counsel: Strategic Visioning, Mission & Principles, & Organizational Development / Behavior Counsel.

6.    Syntonics Relationship Management®: Win-Win Consensus-Design, Stakeholder Attitude Sensing, Public Involvement & Process Management.