From the Podium: Talks & Presentations for Work & Fun

Business talks & presentationsAn accomplished Keynote Speaker, Sam Waltz has spoken in some 35 states and 3 countries from the Platform. “Speaking, for me, is both for fun and profit,” he admits, noting his enthusiasm and passion for sharing inspiration, motivation, information, insight and history.

His largest audience, more than 2,000 people in Southern California, heard a 45-minute talk without notes on major industry trends. Typical audiences of 50 or more people come for life-changing inspiration and motivation, others for entertainment, many simply to learn.

For Keynote Speaking to Business Audiences and others, Sam Waltz draws and offers professional and personal life lessons from their work, their industry and their lives. Goal is that each audience member is not only better informed, but is inspired to take action and to bring a focus that improves her or his professional and personal life.

Among his topics…

(1) Motivation & Inspiration ~ Leveraging both “Locus of Control” work and Maslow’s “Hierarchy of Needs,” Sam Waltz focuses on empowerment, both in her or his personal and work life, with the key concept that the person who is better able to bring order to chaos in the individual life is better prepared to be more successful at work. Topics include…

MindMapping Your Life: Six Ways to Navigate Change and Create the Life You Really Want; and

12 Secrets of Abraham Lincoln’s Leadership that Made the 16th President America’s Greatest.

(2) Business ~

(3) History ~


(4) Interests ~

Catcher, Scholar, Spy: The Incredible Story of Moe Berg (1902-72)

Bourbon 101: History and Development of “America’s Spirit”

Pappy Van Winkle Bourbon: Is it worth “the hype,” in a review of American Bourbon & Rye Whiskys

(5) Custom ~ Working with you, topics will be researched, developed and presented that lift, inspire and focus your audience, with a focus on…

What’s Happening Now?

Where we fit in the evolution of American Business & Industry?

What are the Macro-Business Trends driving the economy in which we’re working and living?

Don’t hesitate to reach out to Sam Waltz to discuss your organization’s needs, whether for Keynote Remarks to an Industry or Corporate Meeting or Conference or for a Community Program. Special discounted honorariums can accommodate the budgets of trade organizations.